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Gave a Reiki treatment at the first aid tent at the Rally to Return Sanity. A woman with a broken arm (broken before the rally but badly bumped into in the crowd and painful now) made it through the crowd but the nurse only had one Excedrin left for her. Since she was in such pain, I explained who I was, that I had worked in hospitals doing Reiki, massage therapy and CranioSacral and that it wouldn’t hurt and may help ease the pain.  So there I stood in the middle of 250,000 people, giving her Reiki. Result: she felt great relief from pain. Three cheers for the universal love and flexibility of Reiki!

Why was I at the first aid tent? In the large crowd I got separated from my husband and cell phone/texting was too saturated for messages to get through. Headed towards the first aid tent since that was a good meeting place. Turns out there were a bunch of other women separated from their friends and family so we became the First Aid Angels helping people through the crowd to the tent, getting chairs and water for them and helping out the official nurse as much as possible. She appreciated the company and pulled back the tent flap a bit so us short women could take turns standing on chairs to see the JumboTron. As the crowd dissipated, I easily found my husband. Much gratitude to the First Aid Angels and that wonderful nurse who made my experience at the rally such fun.

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