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I am ever grateful for the Angels surrounding us. My sister Kim fell down a flight of stairs on Jan 31st and broke most of her thoracic vertebra and one of the cervical vertebra. A millimeter either way and her injuries would be much worse. She is not paralyzed and has all her cognitive functioning.  She lives alone but neighbors heard her moaning through the shared wall and called 911 or she might have been lying there a long time. Angels were with her that day.

Her hospitalization and then rehab has been an eye opener for me about our health care system. She spent 7 hours alone and in-and-out of consciousness in the ER and ICU before a family member was contacted. This delay is shocking, as medical decisions were being made for her with no input from family and she was in no congnitive shape to make those decisions herself. I am grateful to the ICU nurse who searched through her things, found her work ID and was able to get emergency contact info, but again I do believe strongly that this effort should have been made in the ER immediately.

As soon as family was notified we were there holding her hand and giving her Reiki 24-7 which certainly aided her recovery. We quickly learned which nurses cared and which to avoid. Amazing that so many hospital staff would enter her room and not introduce themselves to us or to Kim when she was conscious. Some even would start procedures on her without explaining and others callously bumped into her bed with no regard for her.

Since she was on high levels of morphine for her  severe pain she wouldn’t remember the doctors or what procedures she had agreed to. Family tried to keep track and repeat the information to Kim when she was conscious. When she left the ICU, this communication issue increased since doctors made their rounds in the morning before visiting hours, so Kim often would not remember what decisions about her care were made when she was in a morphine haze.

Her first rehab facility Manor Care was horrendous, just a dumping ground for the elderly with no staff spinal injuries specialist. Her medication was often given incorrectly. Thankfully, Kim was re-hospitalized which gave her a chance to get into a proper rehab facility. Her neurosurgeon wrote a scathing report on how the rehab nurses and aids had been incorrectly moving her which worsened her thoracic injuries. I send healing and supportive thoughts to all those Manor Care patients most of them elderly.

Finally Kim was placed at Hershey Rehab, with fabulous, knowledgeable staff. Now at home, Kim is walking every day with her chest and neck brace (she calls it her Zena Princess warrior look) and looks forward to May when the brace will no longer needed. The photo is from Hershey Rehab when we brought her dogs to visit her.

Such a privilege to provide treatments for Kim while she was in the hospital, at rehab and when she returned home. I did a combination of Reiki and CranioSacral, and eventually adding in massage therapy all to reduce her pain, tension and healing time. And always calling on the Angels, especially Archangel Raphael to bring his green healing light.

I am grateful for Kim’s recovery and that she had good insurance.  I am thankful for all those who did care for her and support her recovery efforts, for the loving thoughts and actions of neighbors, emergency workers, friends and family, for this opportunity for my family to connect and be reminded of what is important in life. Sending deep gratitude to Spirit and the Angels who love us and surround us every day.

May you relish each moment of your life, tell people you love them and help those in need. Blessings be.

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