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Angel Support

A good reminder: “When you work with angels, you can lean upon their light to help you heal at miraculous rates and in amazing ways. The angels can help us heal physically, spiritually, emotionally, and financially.”  –Doreen Virtue

Light Workers Dance

This dance video somehow visually shows what I feel and experience when I am working. Incredible moving for me. Enjoy!  

Snow Angel Musings

Snowstorm. Light coating over the garden. Fun for the kitties. The energy of snow is about purification, transformation, and renewal. White is considered the color of purity, innocence, spiritual awareness and hope. Oftentimes, I envision white light surrounding me to protect me as I perform CranioSacral or Reiki. The snow also reminds me of my

Summer Solstice: Rejoice in the Sun’s Warmth

Merry Solstice! Today is the summer solstice and I rejoice in the Sun’s warmth. I give thanks for the abundance and prosperity in my life. I am grateful to Joan and Roe for inviting me to give intuitive readings at the Ladies Night Out, raising funds for the Alzheimer’s Association. I am grateful for my

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