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“At the root of all the pain and suffering on the planet is powerlessness. We all want to be heard and seen. If we aren’t receiving the attention of love, we will demand attention through fear and prejudice. We can help by offering our love and peace. Remember you only need a match to dispel

Wake Up

Heading up to the Wake Up Festival in Estes Park next week. Some amazing presenters including Robert Peng, world-renowned Qigong Master, and Jocelyn Gordon, Creator of Bhakti Boogie® Yoga – Where Dance is Yoga. Also k.d. lang is performing. Highly recommend!

Journey Continues

Arrived today in Colorado. Goodbyes are done and now it is all about hello. Excited about what this change will bring. But with that is sadness for what is left behind and a bit of overwhelm for all that needs to be done. Breathing and breathing again! And of course gratitude for the connections that

Body Image

Spoke about body image this weekend. To paraphrase a song from Fame: Let’s all sing the body electric and celebrate our present selves. When we fully embody our uniqueness, we all become stars.  I also used this chant: I will be gentle with myself I will love myself I am a child of the universe

Going Postal on my Animal Totem

Every year for my birthday I pick an animal card from my Medicine card deck to be my guiding animal totem for the year. I use Ted Andrews’ Animal Speak book to give me insight into the qualities of my totem. This year my guide is Wolf, a teacher and pathfinder, helping me to trust

Shift Happens

Today I am reminded that change is the only constant in our life. And yet so often change or shift in thinking evokes fear. Familiar patterns of life seem comforting since we believe we understand them, even if those familiar patterns do not serve us anymore. As Rev. Addae Kraba says, “Fear of dying keeps


When meditating we have an opportunity to be within ourselves and connect to our inner wisdom and sometimes to Spirit. Recently my husband attended a six day silent Mondo Zen retreat. I wondered, would I be able to be silent for six days? Maybe I can work up to that! I do try to meditate

Tax Day is Perfect Time for Financial Affirmations

Tax Day can be stressful for many. The worry and stress can cause muscle tension, pain, and headaches. Then there can be emotional and relationship strain. This season make time to take care of yourself physically with a massage or CranioSacral session and also mentally by writing out financial affirmations or goals for next year.


I highly recommend Penny Hanson in Bryn Mawr for hypnosis for weight control or quitting smoking. My neighbor lost over 30 pounds and I have lost over 40 pounds. Dieting is often about deprivation and I noticed that I don’t have any of that deprived feeling or struggle to eat healthy now. Amazing!

Starting a New Year

New Year’s is a perfect time to write down affirmations for how you want your life to look this year. Call in abundance of joy, friendships, wealth, and of connection with spirit and your inner wisdom. Remember to write them in the present  (I “am” or “do” or “have” instead or I “will”). I welcomed

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