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New Vibrancy

I feel so much lighter, confident and excited about this year. It is as if the old skin of 2010 has sloughed off revealing the shiny new colorful skin underneath–vibrant with joy and health. The seedling of my intentions has been germinating, breaking through the earth, budding and now opening to bloom. I credit my

Circle of Women

Local Woman Within International celebration today.  I felt surrounded by such an abundance of fabulous women and sitting in circle with them is deeply fulfilling, comforting and affirming.

Winter Solstice Exercise

Last night’s powerful Winter solstice was in conjunction with a total eclipse of a full moon. The red color was stunning. 400 years ago was the last time these three occurred together. A terrific time to do some self Reiki. Now through the next few weeks is a perfect time for setting your intentions. First

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