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“At the root of all the pain and suffering on the planet is powerlessness. We all want to be heard and seen. If we aren’t receiving the attention of love, we will demand attention through fear and prejudice. We can help by offering our love and peace. Remember you only need a match to dispel

Shift Happens

Today I am reminded that change is the only constant in our life. And yet so often change or shift in thinking evokes fear. Familiar patterns of life seem comforting since we believe we understand them, even if those familiar patterns do not serve us anymore. As Rev. Addae Kraba says, “Fear of dying keeps

Memorial Day Weekend: Mixed Emotions

What mixed emotions I feel after a full Memorial Day weekend! First, I am sending thoughts to all those currently serving in our armed forces, thankful for their service, and sending them Angels to help uplift and protect them. I am sad that they are in harm’s way. May there come a day when we

Reflection on Our Health Care System

I am ever grateful for the Angels surrounding us. My sister Kim fell down a flight of stairs on Jan 31st and broke most of her thoracic vertebra and one of the cervical vertebra. A millimeter either way and her injuries would be much worse. She is not paralyzed and has all her cognitive functioning. 

Attitude of Gratitude

Was driving fast down a back road during a wind storm. Suddenly my intuition  said to slow down. I listened and as I drove more leisurely, a huge tree branch dropped right in front of my car missing it by inches. Had I been driving faster the branch would have landed right on top of

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