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Shift Happens

Today I am reminded that change is the only constant in our life. And yet so often change or shift in thinking evokes fear. Familiar patterns of life seem comforting since we believe we understand them, even if those familiar patterns do not serve us anymore. As Rev. Addae Kraba says, “Fear of dying keeps

Summer Solstice

The Summer Solstice June 20th is the longest day and the shortest night of the year. The solstice is a balance point between when Mother Earth is at the fullness of her strength, fertility, and abundance and before the days get shorter and the nights longer. Now is when we rejoice in the Sun’s warmth,

Memorial Day Weekend: Mixed Emotions

What mixed emotions I feel after a full Memorial Day weekend! First, I am sending thoughts to all those currently serving in our armed forces, thankful for their service, and sending them Angels to help uplift and protect them. I am sad that they are in harm’s way. May there come a day when we

Massage Therapy vs. Sex Work

Many massage therapists struggle with inappropriate clients and with the public confusing our career with sex work. As massage therapists, we undergo hundreds of hours of training in anatomy, pathology, physiology as well as hands-on technique and therapeutic boundaries. Unfortunately, our profession is sometimes used as a cover for human trafficking and the sex trade.

Women Within Community Weekend

Spent a fantastic weekend with East Coast Sage Circle members at the Women Within Community Weekend. The weekend helps support scholarships for women who want to attend the Women Within training weekend but do not have the funding to do so. Gorgeous nature encircled us at the Diamond Ridge Conference Center in Jamison, PA. I

Elected to PA AMTA Board

This weekend I was elected to join the board of the PA Chapter of the American Massage Therapy Association as their secretary. Last time I served on a board was 5 years ago in Rhode Island as their chapter president. I am honored to serve as a volunteer in this fabulous organization. I believe strongly


When meditating we have an opportunity to be within ourselves and connect to our inner wisdom and sometimes to Spirit. Recently my husband attended a six day silent Mondo Zen retreat. I wondered, would I be able to be silent for six days? Maybe I can work up to that! I do try to meditate

Tax Day is Perfect Time for Financial Affirmations

Tax Day can be stressful for many. The worry and stress can cause muscle tension, pain, and headaches. Then there can be emotional and relationship strain. This season make time to take care of yourself physically with a massage or CranioSacral session and also mentally by writing out financial affirmations or goals for next year.

Reflection on Our Health Care System

I am ever grateful for the Angels surrounding us. My sister Kim fell down a flight of stairs on Jan 31st and broke most of her thoracic vertebra and one of the cervical vertebra. A millimeter either way and her injuries would be much worse. She is not paralyzed and has all her cognitive functioning. 

New England AMTA Massage Therapy Conference 2012

Celebrating the amazing massage therapist community in New England! This conference is packed full of talented instructors, run by dedicated volunteers and always a fun time to connect with old friends. The photo is me on the left and Cate Chapin on the right; we used to share an office together in Providence, RI. Had

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