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Reflection on Our Health Care System

I am ever grateful for the Angels surrounding us. My sister Kim fell down a flight of stairs on Jan 31st and broke most of her thoracic vertebra and one of the cervical vertebra. A millimeter either way and her injuries would be much worse. She is not paralyzed and has all her cognitive functioning. 

Open House

OPEN HOUSE All are welcome. WHEN: Friday, June 10th 4 pm – 7 pm LOCATION: Open City Healing Arts in The Philadelphia Building 1315 Walnut Street, Ste 920 Philadelphia, PA 19107 Free Ten Minute Tune-up Cranio-Sacral sessions Brief Shiatsu massages Experience or observe the healing art of acupuncture Door prizes Light refreshments Music PRACTITIONERS: Kelly

Surrounding Japan in Love

[[{ Japan ]]} We send love and Reiki and Angel healing. We hold you, your citizens, creatures and land in our hearts.

New Vibrancy

I feel so much lighter, confident and excited about this year. It is as if the old skin of 2010 has sloughed off revealing the shiny new colorful skin underneath–vibrant with joy and health. The seedling of my intentions has been germinating, breaking through the earth, budding and now opening to bloom. I credit my

Attitude of Gratitude

Was driving fast down a back road during a wind storm. Suddenly my intuition  said to slow down. I listened and as I drove more leisurely, a huge tree branch dropped right in front of my car missing it by inches. Had I been driving faster the branch would have landed right on top of

Snow Angel Musings

Snowstorm. Light coating over the garden. Fun for the kitties. The energy of snow is about purification, transformation, and renewal. White is considered the color of purity, innocence, spiritual awareness and hope. Oftentimes, I envision white light surrounding me to protect me as I perform CranioSacral or Reiki. The snow also reminds me of my

Power of Intention

A perfect time to set our intentions is at the beginning of the new year. In the dark of the the new moon on Jan 4, get clear on your goals. Use the law of attraction to create your year with your focused thoughts bringing in abundance, companionship, and joy and the next step on

Winter Solstice Exercise

Last night’s powerful Winter solstice was in conjunction with a total eclipse of a full moon. The red color was stunning. 400 years ago was the last time these three occurred together. A terrific time to do some self Reiki. Now through the next few weeks is a perfect time for setting your intentions. First

Reiki Treatment at Rally

Gave a Reiki treatment at the first aid tent at the Rally to Return Sanity. A woman with a broken arm (broken before the rally but badly bumped into in the crowd and painful now) made it through the crowd but the nurse only had one Excedrin left for her. Since she was in such

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